Dalkey School Project Session 3 with Eamon Sweeney, musician: 11 April 2014 – Continuing Development, Composition, Small Groups, Seamus Heaney

This session continued with our practice and increasing mastery of the various rhythm and singing games/exercises.

We also took part in some group awareness exercises  involving non-verbal communication and patience… to paraphrase ‘patience comes dropping slow…’

The idea of fitting visual imagery to music was explored and a  graphic score of J.S. Bach’s ‘Toccata & Fugue in d minor’ was viewed and discussed.
You can view that graphic score here: 

We talked a little about Seamus Heaney, the man, his poetry & his international stature. (Seamus’ 75th birthday would have been on 13 April).
We read Seamus’ poem ‘The Rainstick’ and discussed his description of the sound of that simple but beautiful instrument.
Read the text of the poem here: http://compassrosebooks.blogspot.ie/2009/07/on-poem-by-seamus-heaney-rain-stick_27.html

The class then broke up into smaller groups and created their own soundscape using rainsticks and other percussion instruments.
Titles that inspired the soundscapes included: Desert, Rain, Sea.

You can listen to those soundscapes here:
Rain:  https://soundcloud.com/user999043025/dalkey-school-project-6th-class-improv-2-may-2014/s-PP1x8
Sea: https://soundcloud.com/user999043025/dalkey-school-project-6th-class-sea-group-2-may-2014/s-M2HD2
Desert: https://soundcloud.com/user999043025/dalkey-school-project-6th-class-desert-group-2-may-2014-1/s-S3RLY

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