Dalkey School Project Session 5 with Eamon Sweeney, musician: 9 May 2014 – Small Group Work, Drumming, Showtime

We’ve decided: we are to put on a show on Friday 20th June.
The time of the year and time of life of those involved offer many themes to inspire a multi-disciplinary approach.
I can assist in all the areas of concert production I have experience in – facilitating creative work, accompanying, band-coaching, stage-managing, programme building, audio-visual elements, production of promotional material/programmes.

We continued the practice of responding creatively to poetic propositions.

Today for the first time we worked in 5 small groups: each group discussed music they might perform for the show and how they might present it.

Each group improvised via the medium of free-form group drumming – attentive listening, observing, feeling the pulse and group communication were required.
You can listen to excerpts of the drumming here:
Group 1: https://soundcloud.com/user999043025/dalkey-school-project-6th-class-group-1-drumming-improv-9-may-2014/s-sYA4o
Group 2: https://soundcloud.com/user999043025/dalkey-school-project-6th-class-drumming-group-2-9-may-2014/s-VZ95r
Group 3: https://soundcloud.com/user999043025/dalkey-school-project-6th-class-drumming-group-3-9-may-2014-1/s-kTAOc
Group 4: https://soundcloud.com/user999043025/dalkey-school-project-6th-class-drumming-improv-group-4-9-may-2014/s-8t4gy
Group 5: https://soundcloud.com/user999043025/dalkey-school-project-6th-class-drumming-improv-group-5-9-may-2014/s-QYHof


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