Session 5 18 March Rathmichael NS with Nell Regan writer in Residence

Today we looked at using the most expressive language possible and how that makes our writing better and come alive. To start off and warm up we did a few exercises substituting stronger words and came up with great replacements for ‘talked’, ate, ‘blew’ depending on the context and realised how much changing one word can change a piece of writing.


Next we went outside to run races – hang on, I hear you say, I thought we were doing creative writing… well, it can be much easier to write about something if you have experienced it and here’s where the writing comes in. Before running their race everyone had to describe and write about how they felt –Image

Then the races were run –


and just after everyone wrote about the race, what they saw and heard and we were really impressed with the vocabulary and descriptive words they came out with.

Half the class were reporters before they swapped over and ran their races too. We talked after about how, if the pitch had been free as originally planned, everyone would have run at the same time but them we wouldn’t have had a chance to be reporters.

Heading back to the classroom we discussed how we might best display some of this work and put some of the ideas together in a descriptive passage.

Finally we watched a classic silent film about a children’s goat race and discussed sub titles. See

The Kid Stakes (Australian Silent Film, 1927) Part 2 of 6


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