Dominican Convent – Colourful Poem

DYDC Instructor Carla Fazio writes:

I came across a great poem by a fellow dance educator, Kristi Newsome. She was featured on a colleague’s website, I look to Maria Hanley’s website from time to time for inspiration for my classes. In addition to being a close friend, she is a brilliant dance educator based in New York.

Here’s the poem:

I am a dancer. I am red hot. I’m quick. Fiery and precise, to taste me would be a sharp, staccato type spice.

I am a dancer. I’m yellow like sunbeams shining happy and bright. Full bursts to the edges, I create my own light.

I am a dancer. I’m a royal, purple with head held high and strong. The air pungent with plums. I reach and stretch out long.

I am a dancer. I am soft as a cloud. A blue floating daydream, of marbled elegance. Light, lullaby of cream.

I am a dancer. I’m a bright orange neon. A bit tangy, a bit juicy, you might even say I’m a bit Dr. Seuss-y.

I am a dancer. A freshly mowed green, the smell of grass in the breeze Watch me run on the playground and climb leafy trees.

I am a dancer. I’m a limp, sick type green. Floppy, soggy, and ill. A lazy wet noodle, sluggish, against my will.

I am a dancer. I am rich indulgence. Creamy, brown, chocolate treat melting and covering, a twirling taste so sweet.

I am a dancer. Cotton candy, lemonade, and lollipop, A fruity, flowery, fluffy pink . All make me leap, skip, and hop as soft as a butterfly’s wink.

I am a dancer. I’m a rainbow dancer. To fit various scenes, a changing chameleon. For what each movement means.

This lesson was based on Kristi’s lesson and it was the first time we played with movement and colour.

We did this activity following warm-up. Dancers found their own personal space in the room. I asked them to think of the way a specific colour made them feel or an image that came to mind when I said a specific colour (i.e. red). I asked them to make a still shape with their body that represented the colour we were focusing on. Then I read them the sentences from the poem in relation to the colour (i.e. I am a dancer. I am red HOT. I’m quick. Fiery and precise, to taste me would be sharp, staccato type spice). As I repeated the sentence 2 or 3 times, they were instructed to move around the room in a way or ways that represented what I was saying.

We did this with a total of 5 colours. It was a lot of fun.

When we concluded class, I asked them what their favourite “movement” colour was. Most of them enjoyed pink because they got to skip, imagine what it was like as candy floss, and try out a butterfly’s wink.


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