Dominican Convent – Plant Dance Part 2

DYDC Instructor Carla Fazio writes,

After creating and practising the beginnings of our plant dance, we realised our plants cannot grow without sun and water.

I introduced a drum to the class and we practised different ways to move based on the sound the drum was making. I then laid out our floor spots and each dancer was assigned to a colour: red, blue, green, or yellow. Each colour had a different sound from the drum. When dancers heard their “cue”, they traveled to their respective colour floor spot. Once dancers got the hang of their cues, we introduced this concept into our dance.

6 dancers were assigned as the sun. They danced over, under, and around the plants. They were to tip toe and float when the drum made a “swishing” noise. 6 dancers were assigned as the water. They were to march or skip over, under, and around the plants with a blue scarf. Their cue was a steady drum beat.

The dancers assigned as plants broke down the plant growth stages. They were seeds, shoot, roots, and stalk with leaves. Each time the drum sound changed, the plant dancers were instructed to move onto the next stage.

We ended our dance by coming together as a whole group to make our flower.

This lesson took about 3 sessions to fully develop. This is the first activity they have been able to memorise and they can explain how plants grow both using words and movements!


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