Dominican Convent – Plant Dance

DYDC Instructor Carla Fazio writes,

With the arrival of spring, I was really excited to start creating a dance that represented how plants grow. The school is growing plants outside in the play area and there is a bulletin board in the hall that shows a class project on plants. I thought it would be a very fitting topic.

After warm-up, we briefly discussed how plants grow to create the steps of our dance. Plants start as seeds. Then a shoot is formed while the roots extend downward. The shoot continues to grow and it begins to forms leaves. We decided our plant would also flower. When asked what helped plants to grow, dancers knew there needed to be sun and water.

I collaborated with the dancers to create movements that represented each stage of plant development. We all started as seeds. We were as low to the ground as possible and we made a body shape that was round and very tight. Our shoot grew from our elbow rising followed by our forearm and then hand. This was followed by a suggestion from one dancer to make an X in the floor as the roots. We then transitioned back to our shoot body shape and grew taller to form our leaves. Three dancers gave suggestions as to what our leaves should look like. Dancers could chose their favourite shape. We ended our dance the way we end class, making a group flower.

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