Dominican Convent – Volcanos!

DYDC Instructor Carla Fazio writes:

For the last couple of weeks, we have been working our connecting different body parts together during our skipping dance. Our skipping dance has another further development. Dancers skip around the circle and pass on the scarf. When the music stops, they are instructed to create a symmetrical, asymmetrical, straight or round body shape. We have now added 2 more elements.

The first is body part connection. I will call out a shape and a body part. When the music pauses, dancers connect together at the suggested body part in the suggested shape. This creates all sorts of structures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also wanted them to focus on working together as a whole group during this activity. So I layered our dance with the addition of changing circles. All dancers have to move in the same clockwise rotation around their home circle, the other group circle or the entire space. It took a few sessions to get this addition correct, but dancers will right themselves now if they head off counter-clockwise.

The dancers really enjoy connecting together. And I thought the beginning of class needed something new. I introduced volcanos! We started our session one morning with a quick discussion on volcanos. How do they work? What do we see? Dancers described images of volcanos exploding and lava moving to then form rocks.

We explored this activity in following way: pairs connected together at a certain body part point. They were to travel to the centre of the warm up circle, building heat and fire as they traveled. When they got to the centre of the circle, they exploded! Then they traveled as lava to a warm up spot and froze into the shape of a rock.

This works well as the very beginning to class because it gets all the dancers to their warm up spots in a creative and engaging way.


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