The METNS 6th Class Seventh Session – Exploring Killiney Beach

dlr Primary Arts Blog, 7th Session, 21st May 2014
Monkstown Educate Together NS 6th Class
Artists: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick, Dance Theatre of Ireland

Today we visited Killiney Beach with Andrew Fleming (‘Mouse’) from OWLS (Outdoor Wildlife Learning Survival) and Turtle, his assistant; We were so lucky to get wonderful weather!

We learned how Turnstone birds fly as a group for security, then land, and because of their colouring, disappear into the coast making it impossible for predators to find; We watched them fly, land on the Beach and disappear (where they turn over rocks in relentless search for food when the tide recedes;

We hid stones (that were marked like bird’s eggs) then had to find them later…It was hard!
We learned patience, the patience that it takes to find food, with only one of us who had their “sweet” still in their mouth by the end of our visit.

We had an art challenge: to build fish and sea creatures using stones and seaweed… we had a “red” team, a “white team” and a “Black/Grey” Team, indicating the stones they were allowed to use. Check out the photos of what we built: a Fish, a flying bird and Crab and another fish. We also had a competition for who could stack the most rocks (11 was the winner)…and the secret was? flat stones! going from large to big.

We had a scavenger hunt and each of us had to find certain things that one finds on the Seashore: black, red & white seaweed and stones, something metal, litter! and more…we all found most of the things and one person found a HUGE metal fish hook.
We played a game of birds & waders (predator and prey)… We all worked at catching our prey!
We saw and heard so many things; we did cartwheels, hand stands and even some line dancing. We closed our eyes and listened for a minute or two in silence to all that we could hear (there was a strong wind and you could hear the sound of rock, rubbing rock as the tide receded). Bliss.

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