Mount Anville Primary – Session 14 – Artist: Michelle Read

Session 14 – Wednesday 28th May 2014

In last week’s session each group finished writing their scene. I then took all the scenes away and wrote them all into the computer. This meant I was able to edit them a little bit and add some connections so that all the scenes would make sense when they were put together. I was also able to print out multiple copies for each group. This means everyone can have their own copy, which is helpful when everyone has their own task to perform in the scene.

So this week we started with a read-through of the whole play from the point where Ruth and Yvette steal the plane and head off to Alaska. Each group read their scene in order and we got to hear how the whole thing sounded. We realised the play is quite funny in parts and then also quite dramatic.


Yvette and Ruth get into lots of scrapes, but always manage to get out of them again. Ruth also finds out lots of things she didn’t know about her grandmother’s life.

Once we had read-through the whole play, each group found their sound effects and then rehearsed their scene. Miss Lawlor had noted after the read-through that one of the aims of rehearsing was to try and make the lines sound spontaneous. As I went from group to group, I could definitely hear the performances coming to life.

Next week we will do one quick rehearsal and then plunge into recording all the scenes. This will be very exciting as it’s the culmination of all our work so far. Each group has their actors and their sound effects makers and everyone will be focused on making sure they come in at the right moment. It can be particularly hard keeping your concentration going when the pressure is on like that, especially during the funny bits. One of our biggest challenges next week, is that nobody can laugh when we’re recording!

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