Mount Anville Primary – Session 15 – Artist: Michelle Read

Today was the final session and the culmination of all our writing, sound-making and rehearsing.

Miss Lawlor had rehearsed all the scenes with the class before the session and everyone seemed very calm and focused.

The girls collected their foley equipment and we put some music stands in a circle for the scripts. We then had a quick rehearsal of turning the script pages as quietly as possible.

Then we started recording. The girls made a sign for the door to tell everyone the classroom was a studio and we managed to get most scenes in one or two takes. The concentration in the room was amazing.

We also recorded some “wild” tracks of snow walking, screaming, sighing and the turbulence to help with the edit. All the sounds made by the children.

It was a really exciting and fun session and I was hugely impressed with how hard the girls worked to get all the scenes recorded in the time.

Here then without further ado (via the link below), I am delighted to present the new radio play, Ruth and Yvette’s Adventure, created collaboratively by Miss Lawlor’s 6th Year class at Mount Anville Primary School.

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