The METNs 6th Class Eighth Dance Session – Bringing it altogether!

dlr Primary Arts Blog, 8th Dance Class, (10th Session) 28th  May 2014
Monkstown Educate Together NS 6th Class
Artists: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick, Dance Theatre of Ireland

Today we worked on putting together a number of the sections of the different small dances we have worked on, in order to perform them at St. Paul’s Church, Glenageary on June 12th–We have been invited!  The space in which the performance will take place in the Church is shaped in a “T”, which is alot different than the gymnasium we have been working in–so we are adapting the different parts for the new space.  We worked on executing, or making more precise ‘the Corridor’, which in some way symbolizes our team work, but also our transition in from 6th class to Secondary school–graduating! –which is coming soon!  It’s a very theatrical devise with Manus and Ava walking down the corridor which we build, one by one, to the front… Then we read some of the poems that we have had doing NATURE MOVES, (see below) and we perform the girl’s section of their TREES dance, which is very evocative of how fragile trees are, but strong too.  The boys do a dance which was inspired by alot of facts on the Amazon Forest, and how many trees are cut down regularly, daily!  From there our last nature dance is inspired by the movement of Crabs. Sideways and back, Sharp and slow and is a little like being in a rain forest, with the music, which is eerie.  The last section we will perform–which is separate to our nature inspired dances– is a dance inspired by the song “Singing in the Rain”.   Today, we did all those parts together.  On Friday, we’ll do it to music!

Here are some excerpts from the poems which will be read at St. Paul’s Church:

“The way we stand, you can see we have grown up this way together, out of the same soil, with the same rains, leaning in the same way toward the sun.   See how we lean together in the same direction.  How the dead limbs of one of us rest in the branches of another.  How those branches have grown around the limbs.  How the two are inseparable.”
Susan Griffin

“Trees to do not scream for attention
A Tree retains a deep serenity
Sometimes, one may sense a glisten of that consciousness, and with such perspective, feel that man is not necessarily the highest form of life.”

Cedric Wright

“Teach your children
What we have taught our children
That the earth is our mother
Whatever befalls the earth
Befalls the sons and daughters of the Earth
If men spit upon the ground,
They spit upon themselves
This we know
The earth does not belong to us
We belong to the earth
This we know
All things are connected
Like the blood which unites one family
All things are connected
We do not weave the web of life
We are merely a strand in it
Whatever  we do to the web,
We do to ourselves

Chief Seattle

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