The METNs 6th Class Seventh Dance Session – Locomoting on the floor, and Staccato Movement

dlr Primary Arts Blog, 7th Dance Class, (9th Session) 28th  May 2014
Monkstown Educate Together NS 6th Class
Artists: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick, Dance Theatre of Ireland

Today, after we did our warm up (which everyone has gotten quite good at) we began to teach more material from our Singing in the Rain phrase.  We also  worked on different ways of locomoting on the floor for our “Crab” dance…one can crawl, roll (many ways of rolling) and–more often than not– many combinations of the two, but fluidly. We taught and worked on a floor ‘shunt’, where you push with one arm and slide on the opposite shin. You can go very far with one push this way.

We also worked on the quality of staccato movement, which is sharp, really sharp.  This quality is precise, no movement after it, and it stands out, but not always easy to deliver.  We use staccato movement in the “Crab” dance.

We also moved across the floor using our own style or ways of walking, but all on the beat.  Sometimes we took this “over the top”! Then we worked on skipping across the floor, but in teams of 4, we were each skipping, but intermingling while we skipped across the floor. So we were going in two directions at once, not bumping!

The last thing we did –also working with our teams:  we created sculptures with lots of spaces, and created movement between those open spaces.  Two people would make a sculpture and two people would figure out as many ways as possible to quickly go through, under, around and in between those spaces.    All the groups were pretty inventive!  No two looked alike and it was amazing how — by necessity– those spaces made you move differently, or evoked certain kinds of movement.

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