The METNs 6th Class Ninth Dance Session – Rehearsals with Umbrellas!

dlr Primary Arts Blog, 9th Dance Class, (11th Session) 6th June 2014
Monkstown Educate Together NS 6th Class
Artists: Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick, Dance Theatre of Ireland

Today, we did EVERYTHING for our performances for St. Paul’s Glenageary which takes place next week, June 12. WOW, it took a couple hours, but we made it through everything… and with the music. Not only did we make it through everything (we have learned a lot of material) but we perfected a lot of things! And connected other things. Also we got to use Umbrellas for the first time for the Singing in the Rain.
So the order of the programme is: Opening remarks, Loretta & Robert will explain a bit about Nature Moves and the work we’ve done together the past 12 weeks.
Then for the performance, the running order of sections is

The two Corridors representing transition to secondary school
Earth & Tree Poems
Girls Tree section
Boys Tree Section
Crab Section
Then there will be a little introduction about SINGING IN THE RAIN, while we get our umbrellas. And then our finale performance

Then a magnificent and well deserved bow!
Performance is at 1:15 pm Thursday June 12 at the church, St. Pauls, Glenageary, 31 Silchester Road.
All the children will eat before coming to the church and will be in the church ready to have a “run through” with music at Noon.
Everyone is psyched. Wearing black or a dark color.
They were amazing today!

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