Last session 4th Class Rathmichael NS and Nell Regan 29 May

Session 12

Our last session together today. Time for some sorting of the work and listening to favourite pieces as well as choosing something to go up on the blog. By the end of today everyone in fourth class ought to have at least one piece of work up.

Technology is working against us today and after several attempts to get the sound working we finally are able (with the intervention of the wonderful principle )to hear the Sound Collector recordings from Monday. Everyone loved hearing their group and while I am nearly sure I have matched the right groups in the previous blog (11) 4 th class have promised to let me know through the school if any need to be changed.

Everyone spent some time filing and sorting their work and notes form the past 12 sessions into folders and it was great to look back at all we had done together and really interesting to see what different people enjoyed the most. Here are some examples.

Enj most


mass imag fav
I have no doubt that in 20 years time I may be in a bookshop ( well, if there are bookshops then…) and spot a book written by someone who was in 4th class in Rathmichael NS in 2014…I will be able to say proudly – I worked with them on writing once!

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