Rathmichael NS 26 May Session 11 with Nell Regan

Today is a big day – 4th class are going to use the sounds and phrases they gathered last week down at Shangangh beach ( and on the way there) to make poems. They’ll write a poem in groups ( on their tables) which they will then rehearse in groups with sound effects …and we’re going to record them! A lot to get done so we get down to it right away.

First each group has to work out how to write a poem together – will they write one verse each maybe or alternate lines ? We talk about how more than one person might come up with the same word for a sound and how we might avoid repetition. This will involve some rethinking and redrafting which is such an important part of writing. I am not surprised at how brilliant the poems are looking as I know what this fourth class are capable of.

Once each group has a rough draft, the adults in the room help them to read it aloud and make any changes necessary. This requires good negotiating skills as – who would want to change a line they are proud of, just because someone else on their table came up with the same thing?! It’s a good exercise though, as it helps us come up with lots of new words and images.Here are some of the fantastic final written results (See rest below!)


Sound Coll Alex Kian lauren Kate


Now comes the rehearsals and developing of sound effects. Working together really well, each group develops very different ways of presenting their work and uses different sound effects to create the atmosphere. Soon the room is full of dolphins, crashing waves, grating pebbles, whistling wind and much more….

Devising Sound effects


sound effects

Time for a quick rehearsal in front of the class, comments and suggestions and feedback ( we found that by helping another group we got better ideas for our own performance. )Finally we recorded each group. See if you can pick out…


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