Dalkey School Project Session 8 with Eamon Sweeney, musician: 30 May 2014 – Small Group work & Composition

We now have a regular pattern to our sessions: small group rehearsal with each of the five individual groups for 15 minutes each followed by a larger group session where we work on our group composition.

We’re working on ensuring that both our song arrangements and composition are inspired and created from inside the group.
For the songs we work from a practical viewpoint – what is possible; what skills we have at our disposal; who in the group is willing to take a given role.

For the composition inspiration comes from characteristics peculiar to the group itself; we decide the order of the notes in our piece based on (i) ascending height of the students (ii) order of student’s birthdays in the year (iii) boys only (iv) girls only.

Its starting to take shape!

Our first tentative foray into height-inspired composition can be heard here:

'Learn together; Love together'

‘Learn together; Love together’: Our rehearsal space in the school



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