Dalkey School Project Session 11 with Eamon Sweeney, musician: 17 June 2014 – The Big Picture

Today we must join all the dots together:
(i) what is the theme of our songs?(ii) what images go with our songs?
(iii) what is the final arrangement of our composition?
(iv) what images go with our composition
(v) what will be the running order of our performance?

It is decided that the songs follow a natural musical and thematic flow if we arrange them:
‘Lego House’ [themes of love, loneliness, obsession]
Pumped up Kicks'[similar musically,  sinister themes referring to high-school violence, isolation]
‘Lean on Me’ [countering the previous song’s theme with one of support and friendship]
‘Buffalo Soldier ‘[a song also dealing with themes of isolation and estrangement as per ‘Pumped up Kicks’]
‘Three little birds’ [happy, group singing, gentle, positive message – in keeping with the mid-Summer performance date on 20th June]

We will follow the song performances with the chime bar composition: ‘8 years later’

The students suggest and submit images in keeping with the themes discussed including the front page of newspaper from a remembered time when there was a violent incident in the school.



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