Dalkey School Project Session 13 with Eamon Sweeney, musician: 20 June 2014 – Performance Day

It is is a beautiful sunny day!

We arrive early in the morning for a last run-through.  Some students couldn’t make the dress rehearsal due to confirmation commitments so the final rehearsal is most welcome.
It is early yet and the concentration and polish is a little lacking. The students had their graduation ceremony the evening before – the timing of our ‘farewell’ performance is perfect, complete with the chime bar piece which takes its inspiration form this particular group and its unique characteristics. A group which is about to be broken up in a few days after 8 years in school together.

At 10am our audience arrives – the parents & families of the students and staff from the school.

The performance goes really well – concentration is high, the singing is confident and the chime piece, ‘8 years later’ executed excellently. The backdrop projection of images of the students over the years works really well and proves quite poignant; it is affecting to see photos the young children they were when first entering the school in comparison to the youths on the cusp of young adulthood they are now.

The event was videoed for posterity – but alas technology let us down. All indicators showed  that recording was taking place but when viewed later – it was blank!

All that is left is a recording from rehearsal of ‘8 years later’:

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