MET 2015 with Playwright Michelle Read – Thursday 22nd January Session 1

Previously, I had met with sixth class and they were keen to work with drama. As a playwright I often spend time writing by myself, but I also love devising with actors. I think this will be the approach we take – with the idea of developing some performance experience so the children can begin to create their own ideas and scenes. The school has a wonderful hall space, so this makes a big drama session possible. Class teacher David is confident the group will work well together.

We start off by establishing a contract for the sessions – the do’s and don’ts (including for me – ‘don’t be too strict’) and then we got up on the floor to play. A big part of drama and devising theatre is playing. This also helps to release energy, find group focus and, to create.

We had a fun session and by the end the children are working in groups to make fast physical images with minimal discussion.

Afterwards everyone seems to have enjoyed the process and we look forward to jumping straight in next week.

This Session – Getting to know the group. Creating a group contract. Introducing physical collaboration.

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