Creative Practitioners Meeting at Blackrock Education Centre – 24th Feb 2015

This was the second group meeting of the Creative Practitioners and Teachers for 2015. The session was facilitated by Claire Halpin and we began by exploring the roles of the artist and teacher in the programme as a partnership.

What is the your role? What are your responsibilities? How can you work more in partnership to enhance the project? What are the challenges of the project?

These questions generated a very interesting and engaged discussion. The group saw the shared roles of the teachers/ artists as as mediator, conductor, participator. The teacher’s role is as facilitator between the artist and the group as the teacher has the knowledge of the group and on a practical level it is the teacher’s role to manage the resources, facilities and physical space in the school.

The artists role is to inspire, challenge, enhance children’s experience of the arts, encourage pleasure and play in creativity. To expose a new way of learning, to promote inclusion so participants have a meaningful engagement in the project. The project should be relevant to the artist’s practice as this makes it more engaging and real for all.

In relation to the curriculum it was generally felt that the artist should have a knowledge of the aims of the curriculum and it was pointed out that the language and aims are not dissimilar to the language of the artistic process. It was felt that it was the teacher’s responsibility to draw the relevant links with the curriculum and to develop these within the project.  The challenges faced are primarily around time, time tabling, space, logistics and flexibility.

We finished the session by looking at the blog and a quick lesson on basic uploading of a post to the blog. Most had some previous experience of using wordpress.

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