MET 2015 with Playwright Michelle Read – Session 3 – Thursday 5th February

This week we warmed up with a shake out, and then for the face and voice some great tongue twisters. The group had some good ones – How much wood, would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood (one of my favourites!), and the very tricky unique New York – easy until you speed it up.

Once we were all warmed up and had played some group collaboration games, we started looking at making still pictures to create a story. The class was divided into six groups by David. Then each group was given some written instructions with the description of a series of “photographs” they had to create.

Once they had created the images – all working together and agreeing how to do that – each group then had to rehearse their sequence of images thinking about how long they would hold each picture before changing smoothly into the next one.

Everyone got stuck into the task with great energy and there was lots of highly creative thinking going on in the room. Watching the photographs played back for us by each group was really interesting. I had forgotten for the most part what was in the instructions – sometimes I could guess, but other times a wholly new story emerged. This was great. After each piece, we talked about what we could see – both objectively – she has her finger under her nose, he’s being grabbed from behind. As well as subjectively – she looks like Hitler, I think he’s being mugged.

After watching all the groups we had nearly run out of time, so we didn’t have long for the next stage, which is to animate the scenes between the still images. None-the-less, each group managed to add dialogue to their story and animate each “photograph” or “freeze-frame” as a short scene. The dialogue added further understanding of what the story was about.

Angry Dad

This Session – Making tableaux (still images). Making work in groups – collaborating over ideas and process. Introduction of subjective and objective ways of looking at things.

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