Harold Boys National School 5th Class, Dalkey – Third Dance Session – Improv!

Harold Boys National School 5th Class, Dalkey
Third Dance Session, 27 March – Improv!
Artist: Robert Connor, Dance Theatre of Ireland

Friday before Easter Break…spirits are high!

Today we focused attention on the freestyle or improv – utilising some specific task ideas as a basis to exploring how each person can compose their own dance in real time.

After the warm-up and a small break we improvised to a piece by Trick Daddy – “In da Wind”, getting a “bop” going… an easy bouncy energy in the legs. Then we explored dancing with specific parts of the body leading the movement; shoulders first, finding lots of ways the shoulders can move. Then hips; circles, side to side, forward back, fast, slow, figure 8 – some floor level variations too. We tried ribs, a bit harder to isolate and move. Feet next; can be rhythmic, stepping, changing speeds and even down low, supported by hands. Elbows – we had lots of chicken wings! We also explored two other energies besides “bouncy” – “smooth” and “sharp”.

Having explored the “menu” together, each person was asked to pick 3 – body parts and energies – and improvise in their own way, changing from one to the other, being very clear in their choices which element was to the fore in their dance. We then formed a large circle and took turns, 4 or 5 people at a time, dancing inside the circle.

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All this informed the improvised sections of “La Fiesta” which has some set and some improvised parts. We did the whole dance a few times through… and finished off with one more round of dancing in the circle.

What a way to celebrate Friday heading into Easter Break! see a video clip here >>

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