MET 2015 with Playwright Michelle Read – Session 8 – Thursday 19th March

This week we started off with a rhythm exercise – the whole group clapping in sinc in a circle. This was hard but fun and we nearly got it. Next week I think we might break into smaller groups so that each group can come up with their own rhythm and then perfect it. This is a nice way of focusing everyone before we start work.

We have some short scripts to work with this week, so as a warm up I wanted to explore characters. I asked the group to think of lots of different types of people and we came up with some good ones – a really focused, hard-working person, a hippy, an old lady who loves cats, a posh snobby person, a mean girl… Once we had a few suggestions I asked the children to try out playing being each of the characters in turn. The mean girls had lots of sass and attitude, the cat ladies were very eccentric, the hippies were very relaxed, while the hard working person was very fast and often quite angry.

After this the class got into smaller groups and explored finding characters for the super short scripts I had brought in. I had adapted these from short scenes for language school students – they were all quite silly and nonsensical and after rehearsing and performing some of them the children felt that they could do better. A great incentive!

Short Play 1

Short Play 4

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