MET 2015 with Playwright Michelle Read – Session 9 – Thursday 26th March

This week we warmed up with the favourite chasing game Cat & Mouse and the group seemed much better at sharing their turns and changing up as much as possible. Then we switched into a focus and trust exercise – where one partner closes their eyes and is led around the space by the other partner without touch, following only their voice. We talked a little bit about trust in this game and about half the children said they trusted their partners. This is one of the major challenges of drama – being able to trust each other physically and also when sharing ideas and ways of working.

We then got into smaller groups with some large pieces of paper and did some brainstorming – on one page we wrote…

This School

Things We’ll Miss  |  Things We Won’t Miss

Here are some of the things the children wrote about that…

Buddies                     Bun go Barr

Friends                      Having no lunch

Classmates               Certain teachers

Small people             Taunts

The pitch                   Little friend choice

The garden and butterflies            Math magic

Certain teachers            Weekly tests

Short days              Two-month summer

No uniform              Wet break

Less homework       Being only in one classroom

Hot apple juice at hockey matches            Assembly

Being the oldest            Not taking sports seriously

School trips

The i-pads

Knowing when we have a test

Golden time

And on another page we wrote…

Secondary School

Good Things                         |        Bad / Challenging Things

And here’s what the children wrote about that…

Loads of lunchtime                                      More homework

Vending machines                                       Being in school for longer

Gym, swimming pool, hockey pitch            Being the smallest / youngest

Twenty minute break                                   Having to wear a uniform

More school trips                                         Exams

More subject options                                    Not knowing when you have a test

More people                                                  Stress

More sports                                                  Stricter teachers

New friends                                                   Having to be organised

Our own table                                               Weekend homework

Hockey, basketball, rugby

Using calculators

Metal and woodwork

Home Economics

More and better sports


More choice

Less time with each teacher

The group then came back together and had a look at what everyone had written down.

We let that sit for a while and I asked the children to get into groups of three and work on the rhythm from last week – seeing if they could slow it down, speed it up and then add movement. This was some fast-track collaboration!

Then we came back to the lists and I asked each group to pick one thing from either of the pages and let it inspire them to create a scene. Some groups came up with an idea straight away, while others were less inspired by the lists. However, each group created something original. One scene, inspired by the idea of better school trips, was about a school trip to the moon. Another was an advert for hot apple juice at a hockey game. And another was an exam that turned into a class party.

This week: fast-track collaborations and drawing on our own ideas to inspire scenes.

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