Harold Boys National School 5th Class, Dalkey – Fifth Dance Session – Run DMC – “It’s Like That!”

Harold Boys National School 5th Class, Dalkey
Fifth Dance Session, 20 April – Run DMC – “It’s Like That!”
Artist: Robert Connor, Dance Theatre of Ireland

Happy Monday – it’s also a sunny day!

We started this session with breath and voice; throwing our voice from high to low while taking a long, stretchy sustained path from standing, all the way to the floor – timing the end of our long out breath/sound with being completely on the floor. The return to standing was quick – with the voice going low to high. Connecting breath, voice, and moving in time while changing level. We carried on with stretching, squeezing, shaking, pointing as on Friday.   Four beats for each changing texture – to explore their own way of moving and finding these sensations in their bodies – being more familiar today, the explorations were more deeply felt. Some step-claps, shoulder circles, forward swings and a lunge-stretch help to lengthen and release the joints and muscles further.

We reviewed some of Friday’s floor-level movement and ways of supporting weight using our hands and feet; using 4, 3 and 2 points of support, and had more success with the “Elephant Pose”. Today we made a small sequence of two “freeze” poses, balances using 3 points of support, plus each one’s own way of stepping at a low level with hands supporting.

After the break we reviewed the Run DMC phrase, starting with their “attitude” poses facing backwards. It looked like everyone had practiced over the weekend! We added another few steps, and then added their floor movement into the phrase.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The next part involved setting up groups of 4. Within each group each boy had a turn to do their own dance, while the other three found their own way of supporting and staying involved in the dance. In other words, each got a “go”, in an order decided by the group, and they sequenced how the three responded/supported/interacted with the soloist…and then changed places so that each got a turn to be a soloist. The room exploded with ideas and movement as each in turn had a chance to put their best moves forward, while the supporting trios also responded in a myriad of ways.

We added this on as part of the Run DMC dance, structured so that half the groups did their group work at one time, while the others struck a pose to watch, and then switched. With the remaining few minutes we went from the top a couple times.

Thanks Miss O’Carroll for capturing the moments.

Here’s the video >>   of some of the improv.

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