Harold Boys National School 5th Class, Dalkey Seventh Dance Session, 27 April – Run DMC – and then some

Harold Boys National School 5th Class, Dalkey
Seventh Dance Session, 27 April – Run DMC – and then some
Artist: Robert Connor, Dance Theatre of Ireland

How you doing?  Horrible!  Is that every Monday?  Let’s dance.

Within the brief warm-up, we did a movement series that was the very first one we did on day one.  Even though we had not done it since before Easter, everyone remembered it amazingly well.  So I added a new step to throw into the mix, kick, step, touch side.  Well it would take too many words to describe here…but we’ll keep working on it.

After the break we reviewed every aspect of the Run DMC routine…their movements on the floor, the standing phrases (changing textures) and their own free-styling in groups.  We adjusted the spacing in the Free-styling so each group had more space.  It’s still fairly new, and has it’s moments.  Here’s a clip of a practice run through. Video link>>

So now for something completely different!  Keeping with the idea from the beach of experiencing/exploring through touch; the boys worked in groups of 4 or 6. Within each group, two or threes boys made sculptural shapes, being in contact with each other, which they had to be able to hold for some time.  The other half of their group wore blindfolds and were instructed to use touch to figure out the shape the others were making and then to recreate the shape – without looking.  This provided some intriguing shapes and interpretations.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A discussion of Animal totems and birds concluded the day…not bad for a Monday!

Thanks again, Ms. O’Carroll for capturing the moments.

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