Session Seven: Looking Out To Sea

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The coloured transparent paper has stimulated the imaginations of the children and I have been wondering how we can brings elements of this into what we are doing. Some of the children have been exploring this idea themselves and have shown us things that play with light and shadows. With this in mind I have sourced a sensory light to use as part of our introductory session at the beginning of each session. I have found listening games a great way to focus their attention and it offers a sense of achievement for the children who take turns in leading the games. This also enables all of the children to participate equally as it is not language based but sound based.
Our seventh session was in the dlr lexicon project room where I had my studio once again. The children could see and comment on the development of their igloo and my dome! We also took a look at the current exhibition in the gallery ‘Soundings’ collective memories of the sea that explores the relationship between Dun Laoghaire, the sea and its people. We used the idea of the sea and living on the sea to create a large collage today. As the children create they like to chat together and to me which gives further insight to their home life and what is important to them.
As the session drew to a close each of the children took turns to sit inside and explore the igloo/dome, testing it out for size and comfort. We also began to extend and change the shape of the structure using extra milk cartons and 2metre piping. I have asked the children to draw images of what shape the final piece should look like offering them an opportunity to change the piece quite considerably if they would like to. I’m not sure they have understood what I have asked them to do! But I will see the drawings at the next sessions as Joanna will encourage them to do the drawings throughout the week.
At times I wonder if the themes and ideas we are exploring are quite abstract and am I too demanding that the children can comprehend all of what we are doing. The process though is extremely fun and productive yet demanding that I too continuously question what and how I am facilitating.

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