Session Nine: Your A Genius !

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Once again we were based again in dlr Lexicon. On arrival the children gravitated towards the igloo/dome and began to discuss the space in small groups. As we keep to a specific structure for the sessions we sat in a circle for our listening/rhythm games. We also listened to the phonetic recordings from previous weeks and practiced some more sounds. To date the sounds rather than the word play is proving more interesting but I would like to be able to incorporate words into a sound piece. Our sound piece will represent the children within the igloo/dome when others use the space. I invited the children to sit inside the space and describe how it felt. Most said ‘cold’ which is more influenced by the idea of an igloo rather than creating a new space. This is proving to be quite challenging as I can easily see the potential for something else but the children have not grasped the idea fully though it is actually their idea to create a quite space for other children. I need to learn to be more patient and less abstract!

In each session I aim to present work on different scales. Our first construction challenge in this session was to use spaghetti and blue tack to build small 3D pieces. This demanded high levels of dexterity, concentration and proved a little frustrating but despite this the children enjoyed the challenge and spent a lot longer applying themselves than I would have thought. Using house hold products such as pasta to make art fascinated the children and Holly said “your a genius Helen” I was so chuffed. This activity works better using marshmallows instead of blue tack but generally the children cannot resist eating the marshmallows making it a very short activity!

Having built on a small scale we moved into constructing on a very large scale, big enough that the children could walk and play in. Starting at a central point and building outwards the children pushed one end of insulation piping into empty milk containers that I had stuck together in small clusters. Within minutes our playground was formed and the children strengthened the structure by twisting pipe cleaners at points where the piping crossed each other. Once the structure was sound it was time to play, exploring the space they had created together.

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