Rathfarnham Educate Together Session 3 : Shadow Monsters

IMG_1915 IMG_1916 IMG_1914 IMG_1913 IMG_1912 IMG_1906 IMG_1907 IMG_1909 IMG_1910 IMG_1911 IMG_1905 IMG_1904 IMG_1902 Session 3

The children met a monster puppet I had made for them for the first time. This puppet didn’t speak any english, but it seemed to be able to understand some of what the children asked it and to be trying to communicate with them….

We returned to the composite monsters from last week. Read out about each one, and collected new things about them, about their “stories”, are they goodies of baddies, what do they like to eat, to do, etc. Each child took a “post it” (or a few!) and wrote something about the monster they contributed to and to put it on the drawing.

Then I set them the challenge of making themselves into monsters. In groups of three or four we invited them to create a group monster shadow on a sheet using an overhead projector as a light source. They first stood in a line “show us your beautiful selves” then the watching children were invited to close their eyes while the group re-arranged themselves and then invited us to open them to see their new monstrous shape or shapes. Some of the monsters made sounds and simple movements and each was photographed.

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