Rathfarnham Educate Together: Session 4. Developing our Shadow Monsters

The children were keen to meet my monster puppet again and discovered it had learnt a little english. We tried to teach it some of the other languages we had in the classroom too.

In discussion after the last session, their teacher Margaret and I had decided to return to the shadow monsters, this time giving the children a chance to prepare themselves first by discussing ideas and collaborating to draw a plan of what they would do.

IMG_1960 IMG_1958 IMG_1957 IMG_1956 IMG_1954 IMG_1953 IMG_1952 IMG_1951 IMG_1950 IMG_1949

Shadow Monster Plans

Shadow Monster Plans

Then each group came up in turn to show the others their creation, to move a little and vocalise. Again we photographed each in turn.

IMG_1946 IMG_1945 IMG_1944 IMG_1942 IMG_1940 IMG_1939 IMG_1938 IMG_1937 IMG_1936 IMG_1935 IMG_1934 IMG_1933 IMG_1932 IMG_1931 IMG_1930 IMG_1929 IMG_1928 IMG_1927 IMG_1926 IMG_1924

After the session Margaret and I discussed the creation of an evaluation sheet which she will get the children to do as part of their literacy work during the week so that we can get an individual response from each, as to what they have enjoyed and where they might imagine going from here.

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