Session Ten: A Football Star at the Dominican Convent

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On arrival at the school this morning the children were in the yard for small break. On seeing the artist they began chanting my name, their voices becoming louder and louder. For a moment I felt like I was a football star arriving on the pitch hence I basked in the glory. My ego trip was short lived as the children required my full attention as we knuckled down to work. First we listened to our recordings of raindrops and words and recorded some more. If we are to use words then it will require a lot of practicing. As yet we have not quite figured out what and how our soundtrack will contain and be presented. I believe that over the next few sessions something will point us in the right direction. This is a good example of how my collaborative practice works. As we explore different directions and ideas the themes evolve. Sometimes it is clear as to how these will manifest but often an idea or single thought hovers waiting to take flight. More often than not one of the children will say or do something that reveals what and how something will progress.
We discussed what we could put into our igloo/dome, who it was for and what would they like others to experience or do when inside the space. In a previous session the children suggested that the space could be a place to read a book quietly or just a quiet space to be.
I had noticed the children creating stories within their drawings and decided to explore this further. Though adding to the challenge I asked them to work in small groups rather than as individuals. Each group needed to create a story, the characters, the adventures forming, the beginning, middle and end. On long rolls of paper the children through collages depicted their storyboard. Joanna supports was essential in the development of each groups’ story. Working in groups proved challenging as compromise was required. Some groups struggled more then others. One of the less vocal groups, an all boys group came to agreement very quickly and their story emerged from the paper with great detail and with much energy. They seemed to share a similar thought pattern and their story encompassed their ideas in a seamless manner. Their story remained focused and its hero was an overly adventurous spider. The other groups found coming to a group decision a little more challenging. We had asked the children to reach into their imagination to create characters and adventures. Unfortunately we were competing with some of the characters in ‘Frozen’ who kept appearing in some story lines. Ideally I feel that using existing popular characters limits the potential for real imaginative growth.
Over the next week I will talk to Joanna and see where the children’s development of stories in the classroom could potentially work more closely together with shaping something for the inside of the dome/igloo.

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