Rathfarnham Educate Together, Session 11, Collaborative Storyboards

This week they met one of my newest puppets, Béirín Beag Buí, and I showed them the storyboard I had made in preparation for his film, telling them his story as I did so. This introduced them to the idea of creating a storyboard for an encounter or story between their monsters / puppets. They had already done some work creating a storyboard of the story of Tír na n’óg with Margaret so we were able to reference this work also. They then sat in their new groups of three and began to work on the storyboards, and we gave out the masks as reference. Before they began we together folded their large sheets of paper from last week into eight sections (Margaret taking an opportunity to reference fractions) and we suggested they try and tell their story in just 6 or 8 images within this. I also discussed with them how most stories have a beginning, middle and end and how answering questions like What? Why? Who? Where? When? can be helpful in creating your story. I wrote these down on the whiteboard:


I also told them that Béirín Beag Buí had brought along his box of Story Clues which they might use as an extra inspiration for their story if they found it helpful. As they began work, Béirín went around giving these out, and helping them discuss some of what the clue they “lucky dipped” might suggest.


I was impressed at how well the children worked collaboratively. Again, they were very absorbed and independent, and took evident pleasure in their work.

IMG_20150422_145007 IMG_20150422_144917 IMG_20150422_144854 IMG_20150422_144836 IMG_20150422_144821 IMG_20150422_144809 IMG_20150422_144726 IMG_20150422_144706 IMG_20150422_144656 IMG_20150422_141049 IMG_20150422_140854 IMG_20150422_141253 IMG_20150422_141405 IMG_20150422_141609 IMG_20150422_141226 IMG_20150422_140949

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