Rathfarnham Educate Together, Session 12, Finishing Storyboards, Prop and Set making and Rehearsing

Not all the groups had finished their storyboards the previous week so we gave them some more time at this. The groups that had finished, made some extra props from cardboard etc, or drew a setting for their story in permanent markers on a sheet of clear cel to project up onto the screen. I had set up two projectors and screens and we also were able to use the classroom projector and whiteboard (which gives beautiful crisp shadows) so that they could begin to try out ideas and rehearse as soon as the storyboarding was finished. It was a bit of a challenge for ten groups to rehearse on just three screens in one classroom, but we got away with it somehow. We had hoped to begin to watch some of the performances also, but a fire drill interrupted the session, and again, the children were very absorbed with what they were doing so we didn’t want to rush them. We were glad we had scheduled an “emergency” additional session for next week which we will now use for the performances

.IMG_6589 IMG_6588 IMG_6576IMG_20150422_144836 IMG_20150422_144821 IMG_20150422_144809 IMG_20150422_144726 IMG_20150422_144706 IMG_20150422_144656 IMG_20150422_142957 IMG_20150422_144854 IMG_20150422_144917

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