Rathfarnham Educate Together, Session 9, Developing the Passports

This week they met the Country Mouse, glove puppet, cousin to the City Mouse they had meet before, and enjoyed an exchange with her and some additions from their own “hand” puppets.

We then recapped on the idea of a passport for life and asked them to add any new categories that might need to go into it. We jotted these down on the Whiteboard for reference. They sat with their partners and worked on their passports, referring to the notes that had been taken during their interviews. Some chose to add coloured covers. They were very absorbed, so we spent the whole session on it.


Places you would like to visit?

IMG_6404 IMG_6405 IMG_6406 IMG_6412 IMG_6411  IMG_6408 IMG_6407 IMG_6413 IMG_6414 IMG_6483 IMG_6459IMG_6410

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