Holy Family NS, Monkstown – Session 4 – Artist: Tunde Toth

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Session 4 with 5th/6th class at Holy Family NS – 17th April

Refreshed, ready for a new start and new approach after a long Easter break!

Our next session moved away from the intaglio printing process and from the mono – prints.

The focus is on texture, surface and the sensory experience of it; followed by the selection of collected materials for planning and making collages and print their images: collographs

Having a good bit of sunshine on the day, after a short discussion on textures and surfaces we run outside to collect these textures in the form of oil pastel rubbings. Only in the schoolyard but you always find details never noticed before! Identifying and `naming` parts of the `collection` afterwards in the class room is also great fun.

The children collected a great amount of re-used, recycled materials for the collages: papers, strings, foamy packaging, fabric scraps – and as it turned out the school has bags and boxes of left over fabrics and materials… endless supplies and choices!

We started to build the collages on mounting boards – around the size of A5 or slightly larger. Images are based on prepared drawings and sketches from the diary. To make it easier to construct suitable images and combine them into collaborative works later we decided to work on ideas about buildings, houses, `street-scapes` – the urban built environment in a general sense, during the second world war.

The selected and `shaped` materials were glued strongly on the mounting boards and left dry until the next session – when we try to print it!

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