Session Eleven:Looking At Me! Dominican Convent

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We are still unsure as to how the inside of our igloo/dome space will represent elements of ourselves. Much of my own work looks at meaning, belonging and belief and what sets us apart from others. I would like to figure out the best way to look at; who they are inside and out; how they think; what they like; what they look like and what interests them. I am also conscious of using photographs to depict the children. Child protection has directly influenced how I approach work with children and though more challenging at times it has often presented a more enriching result. The final piece will be permanently in the school and that presents a less restrictive environment. Even though we can allow photographs of the children to be used I will still explore ways of representing ourselves as it offer a more valuable experience and provides a stronger visuals reflection/interpretation of the children. In a previous session we created some lovely abstracted self-portraits from a series of photographs.
Again language will play a crucial role in how I communicate this to the children. Often we explore and understand by doing rather than just talking. In this mornings session we looked at using items/symbols from home to create small mobiles to go inside the igloo/dome. The children are going to start collecting things and today we made some sample mobiles from a colourful array of items I had brought in. We were surprisingly busy as the children were very particular with how they wanted their piece to look. It was also very interesting to watch how the children approached what they were doing. It was only afterwards that I realized that we had taken very few photographs of the session. But we do have a sample of our sound piece for this session.
One of my ambitions of this residency was to better understand how children learn and I am beginning to realize that I may need to join the class and follow their day in the classroom as a silent observer watching how Joanna communicates with the children and how they respond to her.

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