Session Twelve: New Inventions, Dominican Convent

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The children once again came to visit me in the Lexicon for our 12th session together. The current exhibition is called Home and we took a look at the show. Perhaps it was through the eyes of the children that I noticed the bleakness of many of the pieces in the show, decay and destruction seems to be a prominent reference point. I do not know the circumstances of any of the children hence I asked them to choose their favorite pieces which presented images familiar to them. A photograph showing the construction of the apartments next to the dlr Lexicon inspired much conversation probably because for many of them this is their home.

During the construction of the igloo/dome the children wanted to create a quiet space, not a separate room where they could go to but a space where they could remain in the room with the others so they could hear the other children even if they were hidden. I feel that it is essential that the audio piece is central to the space. Our space our igloo/dome is finally complete, well in so much as the actual structure is formed the piece is now an enclosed space. One by one the children sat in the space to see and feel what it was like to be in during their session in dlr Lexicon. The next time the children see the igloo/dome it will be installed in their school. We also recorded some more of our sounds and I am yet to listen to them. It is much more challenging than I thought it would be to capture their sound.

Today we also explored further the idea of home and spaces using foam piping, cardboard boxes and large sheets of card. Almost like a giant Meccano Kit, they built, negotiated, engineered, pulled, laughed, squealed and invented something new. As impressive as the build was the discovery of using the pipes to communicate with was fantastic. They sat together on the floor with the pipes connecting them, inspiring each other their words flowed through the piping their bodies moved back and forth like rushes in the wind their laughter filling the room. In hindsight I should have recorded this.

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