Holy Family NS – Monkstown – Session 5 – Artist: Tunde Toth

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COLLOGRAPH Printing today!

29th April 2015

After having a good check on the collograph plates for loose bits and materials – and gluing them again if needed – we set up for the messy process of print making again.

As this type of collage building, the collograph creating process is also new to everyone, it is a rather experimental part of the project: not sure what to expect so we all need to be ready for surprises!! All textured surfaces look different when inked up and printed. I`m not surprised though that all prints turned out to be very interesting images and most of them are clear with many small details and a good variety of textures! Very happy of the outcome. Plenty of images and variations were printed – so documentation became very important and we do have a large number of photographs!

The most interesting part of the session must have been the collaborative, large scale work: the children worked in groups again, arranged their individual pieces to create a larger but coherent image, printing it onto large sheets of paper. These are good quality, clear prints, with a bit of a strange aerie feel to them – a result of plates arranged in different directions and ways. As we all had images of buildings, street-scapes, houses or ruins, the collaborative prints give the impressions of illustrations or graphic works with symbolic elements. I think it was also a good idea to move away a bit from the original themes of the groups as it could become restrictive.

We hung the large scale prints on the clothes line running across the class room to dry – very effective display. The smaller prints were stored on the drying rack again.

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