Holy Family NS – Monkstown – Session 6 – Artist: Tunde Toth

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SELECTION – REFLECTION: Looking back on processes and works

1 May 2015

Session 6 was very much a looking and responding session, presenting a new challenge: the process of selecting and choosing finished works… and there are plenty of works to choose from!

I suggested that we could make a book or folder that `gathers` and holds all prints (and plates) so we don`t have all these works on papers all over the place…:)) The children seemed to like the idea so we set out to look at our prints first. We were focusing on choosing one print for the cover of the handmade book and one for the back cover. Questions of selections, criteria, quality were discussed and preferences in print making techniques were mentioned. We have already talked about and have done numbering of prints but that was mainly based on numbers of `same` images produced. This time we tried to focus on quality.

Having chosen the cover images for the book we prepared them for mounting: trimming edges and choosing backing papers.

After the lunch break we put away the prints and started a new process: Oil Pastel drawing on long, large sheets of papers – another collaborative process where children were working in groups. The drawings focused on the original themes of the groups and the general theme of `children`s lives during WW2`. The class already had some experience in using oil pastels so after some planning we could start straight away. I found that there is a strong and interesting contrast between the grim subjects/theme and the very colourful oil pastel drawings with their dreamlike appearance… The papers are really large so the drawing will continue during the week (using any spare time if available) and for the next session.

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