MET 2015 with Playwright Michelle Read – Session 12 – Thursday 30th April

This week we started out by focusing on characters and character traits before the children continued talking through and writing down their adaptation ideas. Class teacher David, trainee teacher Sarah and myself went from table to table to talk through the adapted characters and stories as the children worked.

The children had already identified the action beats in the story – 1. Red Riding Hood is asked to take food to granny and warned not to leave the path. 2. She leaves the path and meets a wolf, who finds out from her about her sick granny. 3. The wolf gets into granny’s house, eats granny and disguises himself in her clothes. 4. Red Riding Hood arrives and realises it’s the wolf. 5. The huntsman (possibly Red’s dad) saves her, kills the wolf, and pulls granny out of his stomach.

The children were now thinking about a modern setting for the story and how the story and characters would change. Would Red be less naïve? Who would the Wolf be in a modern version? What traits would the characters have and how different would or could they be?

We heard three of the adapted story ideas this week and have four others to hear next week. As we listened to each new story being outlined I wrote it up onto the board and we “stress tested” the cause and effect and logic of the story to see if it made sense.

This Session: Group collaboration around ideas and opinions. Adapting a traditional story into a modern setting.

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