MET 2015 with Student Saskia – Session 12 – Thursday 30th April

In drama today we started writing our own adaptations of Little Red Riding Hood.

We were put into groups, then given a sheet of paper, which on the left hand side, had a list of the characters names. It also included a new character, who we had to make up. Beside them, we had to write the characters new personalities and names. On the right hand side, there were names of the all the locations in the story. We had to describe the new look of location. For example: Mother’s House became a Mansion in our story

At the end of the sheet, there were five scenes, which we had to make up. They had to be based on the scenes in Little Red Riding Hood, but set in modern times.

When we were finished, Michelle asked us what we had written and to tell the class. She would then write them up on the white board, and as we told her our stories, she would help us put little tweaks in the story, to make them better. In the end only some groups got to tell the class their story, but, next time, Michelle is going to ask the rest of the groups for their stories, and hopefully let us perform them too. Fingers crossed!

All in all this was a great drama lesson, mainly because it taught us things that in the future we will need, and come in very useful.

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