Holy Family NS – Monkstown – Session 7 – Artist: Tunde Toth

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Session 7  on the 7th of May: Oil Pastel drawings continued and handmade books created!

We have plenty of images of our 7th session – no wonder, it was a very busy day!

The first hour of the day was spent continuing and catching up with the large scale oil pastel drawings we started the week before – and now they are very colourful, filled with many detail. I think the children `stepped into` the collaborative nature of this process with an ease now, more often working together not just beside each other! As collaborative work and the accompanying group dynamics are often a challenge, I was happy to see these amazing drawings emerge!

We still had to put the large sheets aside though – nearly finished – to allow enough time to make our handmade books for the print work. We used large sheets of heavy cards to fold the books, make strong covers and incorporate strings and threads to tie the `book` together. Different cards and papers were used to create colourful `pockets` that will hold and store the art work. Gluing, cutting, assembling and re-assembling followed and the folders started to take shape and show individuality! We took out the oil pastels again for personalizing designs and decorative details, titles, names, quotes, messages – the pages filled up!

We also spent a good bit of time with further selection and trimming, mounting of the finished prints; finding ways to fit them and display them in the book.

The finished books were put together for a display on a large table – the final photographs show a striking collection, well done everyone!

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