Rathfarnham Educate Together Session 13, Performance of the Ten Tales

We knew it would be a challenge to see each of the ten performances this week so we got off to a flying start, as even the dressing process takes a fair bit of time, with children locating and donning their masks and props and attaching their fabric, etc. The children also needed to look over their storyboards to prepare themselves, and quite a lot of groups had to re-allocate roles too, as there were a lot absent due to illness.

We had to set up a time allocation for each performance, telling them the teacher would ring a warning bell after 3 minutes if the story hadn’t yet finished, so they would know to wind up, in order to ensure that each of the ten groups would get a chance. We also attempted to get a shot of each group dressed, taking their bow at the end.


My Monster puppet gives them some performance advice before they begin

Rathf sleeping masks

Sleeping Monsters


The Sleeping Monster performers

Rathfarn shower scene

The footballing Monsters take their shower at half time


The Footballing Monsters take their bow.

Rathf creation of earth

Monsters journeying in search of a new home when their planet had been blown up by a volcano.

Rathf human children

The journeying monsters became human children (our ancestors).


The journeying Monsters take their bow.

Rath The Glass Key princess

The Glass Keyring monsters and the (absent) Princess mask


The Glass Keyring performers take their bow and show off the keyring.

Rath The Owl and Castle

The Owl and the Castle


The Owl and her children take their bow.


The performers from Monster Games.


Monsters Snakey, Skye and Depak take their bow.


The Treasure Monsters take their bow.

Rathf superheroe

The Super heroes.


The Superheroes bow.

Rathf Camping trip

“This would be a good place to camp”


The Camping Trip monsters.


The Monster Class!

Despite the fact that many of the groups had not managed to rehearse (as they were too absorbed by prop making or their storyboard creation) the performances were very successful. You could see also that they were learning from each others’ and “warming up” as a group as they went along. Some children clearly enjoyed the opportunity to perform and had a lot of fun, others were shyer and used their storyboards to help them but it was clear they all gained a lot from the experience and were delighted with their hearty round of applause at the end. I filmed them all.

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