Rathfarnham Educate Together Session 14, Film showings

Rathf last day group

Monster group portrait. In the background you can see their film is up on the whiteboard.


The children watch the footage of their performances. In the foreground you can see the Béirín Beag Buí puppet and the Monster Puppet who had been regular visitors to the process.

Although I had already said my goodbyes the previous week, and we had exchanged thank yous and cards, the whole session had been quite rushed as 30 children in ten groups adds up to a lot of performances, so the Margaret and I agreed that I would come back the following week after all, to share the footage I had edited of their work and to take a group photo of me with them all dressed up. I also showed them my Béirín Beag Buí film which I had promised I would show them before but for which there never seemed enough time. It was lovely to have this more relaxed return and to celebrate a little again, looking back at their lovely work and sharing something of my own with them before, finally, definitely taking my leave.

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