Choreographing and Creating

After the video session we discussed dance as another form of language. Choreographers use it to express emotions, represent relationships, comment on social and political issues, in a way that words and speech may not be able to. That’s the beauty of it!

In our next session everyone was given the task to make up one or two moves that expressed how they were feeling about leaving school this year. Once the girls were happy with these I put them into groups of three where they began teaching eachother their individual moves and then combined them together to make a short phrase. Each group then shared their short trios at the end of the session and we all got to see the wonderful variety of movement and creativity that emerged. I was delighted with the out come of this and impressed with some of the original ideas, creative use of space and interesting interpretations of the task that arose.

Both the girls and I wanted to spend more time on these so we carried the trios into the next few sessions. We worked on extending them as well as clarifying the movement quality, pacing, rhythm and performance within each trio. I also got the groups to help each other by breaking the class into three larger groups with three trios in each. Two groups would look at the other trios work and give them useful feedback and helpful suggestions, swapping round so everyone gets a chance to share as well as feedback.

We are currently working towards a small sharing where we will show a few of the different techniques, sequences and creative works we have explored over the course of our sessions together. We had a great session this week where we started putting sections of work together. I was really impressed with the concentration and quality which the girls brought to this and I’m excited we are going to have a chance to share this work with the rest of the school.

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