Session Two – Our Generation

Our Lady Of Good Counsel, GNS


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Artist Helen Barry

As agreed with the school I tweeted a couple of images from our session ‘Art Of Politics’ to local politicians and followed it up with an email to invite them to engage with the students during one of the sessions. A local candidate Mary Mitchell O’Connor TD has agreed to join them in our next session. In our invitation to politicians we were clear that they would need to engage with the students for at least 50mins.

A key piece of information I took away with me from the first session was the girls’ enthusiasm to explore, process and comprehend new ideas. Many of them were very aware how political decisions impacted on them not only now as children but in the future. With this in mind, the forthcoming election and the classes’ interest in hosting a ballot within the school, the second session took shape.

We had three tasks to achieve.

  • Identify issues and concerns for children.
  • Design a logo and identify a name for their class campaign.
  • Look at a sample of site-specific installations.

I was extremely surprised at the depth of questions the class asked around the installations. Where artists sourced their ideas to the kinds of materials used. We could have just used an entire session looking at site-specific works, indoors and outdoors. We shall revisit this again I am sure.

We looked at some of the concerns children have today. Our aim will be to tease out and prioritize a number of issues that will become the questions on their ballot paper. The results of the ballot will shape their proclamation for 2016. Their teacher Ms Walker will facilitate a number of similar discussions over the next week with them to prepare for the next session.

The level of discussion and productivity that stemmed from designing a logo and coming up with a name was fantastic. I had thought some may find it challenging but they delivered a wealth of designs ideas that they should consider setting up design business. Their ideas and design were clear and very effective and many did exactly what it said on the can. The class voted on the one they thought captured their idea the best. The winning design was inclusive of the changing demographic of Ireland today. The name and logo will be used on their ballot papers and other material they may create over the residency.


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