St. Mary`s NS, Sandyford,Session 3 – Artist: Tunde Toth

St. Mary`s NS, Sandyford, SESSION 3

19 January 2016

Our third session on the 19th of January was much more colourful than the previous ones: we took the exploration of memories further with oil pastel drawings.

The children were asked to try to choose and focus on one particular memory – a place, a holiday, a family event – and try to `find` and the select visual elements of this memory.

Was there an important colour? (or anything else for our senses – smell or sound?) Did something change or transform in that memory/story? How important is this change/transformation? How can we signify and show this in our drawing? Can we leave out detail that doesn`t seem to be so important – would the memory be represented still? – all these questions were raised and discussed… and decided that it is all rather difficult…

Still, everyone tried and we all had fun and the children made beautiful and striking pictures. We also used fabric dyes that I prepared and mixed beforehand to paint over the oil pastel works: this process introduces the basic technique of Batik, where wax is used as a resist on cloth.

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