St. Mary`s NS, Sandyford,Session 4 – Artist: Tunde Toth

St. Mary`s NS, Sandyford, SESSION 4

1 February 2016

Following from processes of the last session – oil pastel drawings painted over with cold water fabric dyes – we started on a basic wax and dye technique using burning candles!

NB. You need to be obviously very careful, in fact everyone has to be, so maybe this is not one for a very lively or very large class, unless you can do it outdoors..

NB. One also has to consider the smoke alarms as Maria pointed it out to me even before we started; I was grateful for this as I did not think the alarms might go off…

We had 4 long candles burning in the same time and we had a space arranged and allocated at the front of the class room and children were called up for their turn: dropping hot, melted wax onto papers.

The children prepared 2 drawings for this process: one of simple shapes and another of a little more detailed image. Taking this process further, we started the application of hot wax with paint brushes, using a wax heater (specialized for Batik processes). The children were still working on papers, having choices of various sizes and colours

All waxed paper pieces were then painted over with the cold water dyes and left on the drying racks to dry over the next day or two. It`s an exciting waiting time to see how they turn out; the drying process often has an unpredictable element.

I think this session was certainly the most enjoyable for everyone so far – working with burning candles and hot wax in the class room is not an everyday occurrence!

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