St. Mary`s NS, Sandyford,Sessions 1 and 2 – Artist: Tunde Toth

Sessions 1 and 2 at St Mary`s NS, 4th class, Sandyford

7th December 2015 and 13th January 2016

I have decided to join these two sessions in this first post about our primary school residency project – both sessions were more about introductions, discussions, planning…etc, great conversations with a very responsive and interested class!!

I was happy to meet the 26 enthusiastic children in the 4th class and happy to see what an international and multicultural class it is!! For the first time, my name is not the most unusual one! I was also looking forward to working together with Ms Maria Broderick, the class teacher who has a deep interest and a great level of experience in artistic processes, forms of creative expression.

Multicultural backgrounds, different languages and diverse heritage – these all offer a rich source for the explorations during our project: the broad theme is MEMORIES, Collective and Personal RECOLLECTIONS, the process of REMEMBERING – so we could not have arranged better.

We are planning to focus on memories as stories to tell, memories of people, space, sound and colours – using processes of drawings, Batik, paper/fabric constructions and installations.

Writings, drawings and collections of `memory-stories` have started in the project diaries this week.I can see how the diaries will be filled quite soon…




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