St Augustine’s : 5 Bodies! And Families

Now that the puppet heads were hard and dry it was time to give our puppets their bodies. We folded a few sheets of newspaper to make a rectangular torso and folded the cardboard base we had papier machéed their necks to, creating the shoulders, then taping them together. Then the adults cut slits in the hands and the children threaded cable ties through using the thick end to “lock” them in place, and we taped the thin end to the shoulders of the puppet. We checked how our own arms hang from our shoulders, thumb first, and copied this

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for the puppets.

Then we papier machéed over all the places there was a join – cable tie to hand and shoulder, and covered the bodies. By the end of the session, as you can see from the photographs – some of the puppets were already beginning to come alive!

Back in the class room after lunch, we returned to our puppets’ Books of Life begun the previous week. We talked about what else they needed to add and the children set about drawing their puppet’s family and friends, and in some cases where they live. Stories are already growing – for example we realised that two of the puppets are actually brother and sister, so their owners discussed where they lived and who else was in the family.

The teacher also told me how two of the boys had continued the idea of making paper puppets themselves in their own free classroom time and had created a collaborative game together with new paper puppets they made inspired by some lego characters, which they found very absorbing and enjoyable. As you can see I photographed these characters also.


As before, with addition of cable ties for arms.

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